Having Your Life Organized

Jeff Miller with his mother and brothers

I learned last year just how crazy it can be when life throws a strange twist your way.

I founded Speedbinder back in 2003. My initial focus was to change the way custom looseleaf binders were sold: Traditionally, they were sold through multiple layers of resellers. A company would reach out to their commercial printer, or maybe their ad agency, and that company would in turn reach out to a looseleaf broker…and only then would the actual manufacturer get involved.

The plan was to change that…the word we used back then was “disintermediate”…SpeedBinder was going to disintermediate the looseleaf binder business by marketing directly to end user companies. That was a hot word in those early, exciting days of the Internet.

Over the years as the business grew and evolved, we started seeing a real concentration in sales to financial industry professionals. Financial Planners, Retirement Planners, Estate Planners, Attorneys, etc. We saw those professionals becoming an increasingly important part of our business.

I made the decision in late 2018 to develop a new line of business dedicated exclusively to financial industry professionals, and in mid 2019, FinancialBinders.com was launched! The idea was simple. Take the sort of products and services we saw our financial professional clients buying, and organize them all in a single, easy to use website.

What I didn’t know at the time is that I was about to learn just how important this is in peoples’ lives.

My mother suffered a severe stroke shortly after FinancialBinders.com was launched, and sadly died just a few months later.

That was a difficult time, and because I was the only one from my family living in the same city as our mother, business matters fell to me.

I spent those months keeping her household bills paid, and also began the process of figuring out how to manage her estate. I was fortunate in that she largely had all of her affairs in order, but I still spent weeks trying to figure out exactly what all she had, where it was, what to do with it, etc.

I found myself thinking how ironic it was. My company had just launched a new website featuring organization products for estate planners, and yet I had never thought to bring one of our binders over to my mother and help her put everything together.

Freeport-Tan-Estate Planning-Cover

Over the subsequent months, I’ve had numerous conversations with FinancialBinders.com clients where I tell this story. My message to them is always the same: Appreciate the value of what you do! Putting an estate plan together for your clients, and making sure all the information is organized in a single, easy to find location, might seem routine, but I know from personal experience what an enormous difference it makes in someone’s time of trouble.